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Presence and impact on screen


Conferences and meetings in which the participants are all present in the same room have become rare. Today, leaders increasingly have to inspire, persuade and motivate customers, audience and teams in a virtual context. 

But how does one communicate virtually with presence and impact? How does one connect with the audience and communicate effectively in a video conference? 

Special communication techniques are required, because most people are not used to conveying their message in front of a camera. The core messages have to be adapted for this format, the audience is less noticeable for the speaker, body language is only partially visible, and eye contact is a mere illusion.


Julia Binsack prepares you and your team for the virtual stage, to place key messages effectively,  use rhetoric with presence and impact, and communicate empathetically connecting with the other participants of a video format.

Special communication techniques are required

Listen to Julia Binsack here (in German language):

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